Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easy Wired Security System Tutorial [E2] - By Iced Out

Well, the other day I was checking out a tutorial to make a toggleable security system and I was like, wow.. I doubt anyone understands this.. So what I did was turn it into 1 E2 chip. With the help of Bull from the wiremod forum. I was able to perfect it. Alright so on with the tut. :)

1) Create a new E2 chip with the following code:


@name Security Chip V2
@inputs Ranger1 Ranger2 Ranger3 Ranger4
@outputs Explode Indicator Owner:entity

hint("~Security System~",20)
hint("Type /on to Activate",20)
hint("Type /off to Deactivate",20)
hint("Concept/Partial Coding by Iced Out",20)
hint("Perfected by Bull",20)

if ( chatClk(Owner) ) {
LastSaid = Owner:lastSaid()
if ( LastSaid == "/on") {
elseif ( LastSaid == "/off") {

if (Indicator & ( Ranger1 | Ranger2 | Ranger3 | Ranger4 ) ) {
Explode = !Explode
else {
Explode = 0

2) Spawn it anywhere

3) Spawn 4 Rangers {Desired length} with Ignore world Checked (Up and down line)

4) Spawn a Wired Indicator anywhere

5) Spawn a Wired Explosive where you want

--Wire time--

6) Indicator: A -> E2: Indicator

7) E2:Ranger1 -> Ranger:Dist (First Ranger)

8) E2:Ranger2 -> Ranger:Dist (Second Ranger)

9) E2:Ranger3 -> Ranger:Dist (Third Ranger)

10) E2:Ranger4 -> Ranger:Dist (Fourth Ranger)

11) E2:Explode -> Explosive:Detonate

Now type /on to activate Security System

and /off to deactivate Security System

Have fun! :) -Iced Out

Don't Understand? Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to get back to you. :)

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